Lindsey Haist

Before working with Cynthia, I had no idea how to effectively communicate with the public. I was winging it and my approach was not connecting. Cynthia gave me the tools I need to confidently organize media events, write stand-out press releases, develop effective website content and create engaging social media content. She gave me easy to remember tips that I return to time and time again in all of my marketing materials. Her ability to speak in plain language and use real world stories helped me understand the ‘Why’ of her communications strategies. Cynthia’s range of experiences in the communications world sets her apart from other professionals. And as an added bonus, Cynthia was fun to work with and brought humour to the process. I would highly recommend Cynthia’s services to anyone looking to strengthen their personal or business communications.

Caroll Taiji

Cynthia brings a clear and practical strategic lens to communications issues that comes from 20 years of working on the front lines in both the corporate and government context. She effectively rallies and leads internal stakeholders through communications projects, keeping everyone focussed on the budget, time frames and most of all — end goals! She’s fantastic to work with.

Cathy Robertson

We found working with Cynthia to be extremely beneficial from a number of perspectives. In our first contact with her, she was able to get to work right away and quickly provided us with an action plan. With her years of varied experience in communications I trusted her judgement and approach. Throughout engagement with her, she consistently followed-up to keep things on track. At the same time she was very open to other suggestions and worked them into her final report and recommendations. As she works outside the organization her unbiased and objective view allowed for less distractions and more focus on the real issues.

These techniques work!

We recently presented to a local group and your techniques work! We have so much information to share that it’s impossible to remain focused, but you sharing your strategies helped. We used and stuck to the three key messages that we wanted to convey. This helped us transform our presentation, stay focused on our agenda items and refer people to follow us to learn about all the things that we do. So thank you and please keep up the great work!

I highly recommend this product!

I used How to Conduct a Communications Audit to develop my very first plan for an internal audit with staff. I had never done one before and I needed something practical that would enable me to deliver very quickly. The guide is simple and takes you through the planning process step-by-step. Cynthia also made herself available to review my plan and provide feedback. I highly recommend this product.

Christie Judson

Even the most seasoned communications professionals will appreciate the How To Communications documents, particularly if tasked with writing a media relations handbook for staff or conducting internal media training. The heavy work is all done for you. The advice and tips are clearly based on years of experience and industry best practice.

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