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For larger events, having media accredited in advance helps you know which media are attending so you can ensure proper media ID is in place. It also allows your team to understand and prepare for the media’s various needs prior to the event, when you are better able to troubleshoot. Having a media accreditation application saves everyone time and frustration…

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Do lots of people have story ideas or want communications materials, but few are clear on the message they want to deliver? Are you finding yourself spending way too much time trying to figure this out? A story submission form saves everyone’s time (especially yours) by walking people through the basic elements before they talk to you. In some cases,…

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Don’t let your spokesperson get sideswiped. Too often when the media calls, the spokesperson is just given the name and number of the reporter and told to call them back. This form has specific questions for staff to ask reporters to ensure your spokespeople are better prepared before returning the reporter’s call. Taking the extra two minutes to fill out…

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Instead of trying to remember after the fact which media attended your event, use this sheet to sign in media as they arrive. This will make sure you can report (brag) about which media attended. You will also have the reporters’ contact information so you can send them an electronic media kit, photos or just thank them for attending. So…

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