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To help get you started, there are a number of templates and forms available. Many of these are also included in the How To Guides.

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Bundles for topic specific packages include training voice over power points and step by step instruction guides and, where applicable, templates.

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To help get you started, there are a number of templates and forms available.

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Welcome to How to Communications, your one stop for communications tools, templates and training resources for the beginner to novice communicator.

We all have important stories to tell, but too few of us know how to gather our thoughts and write in a way that not only gets our message across, but also resonates in a meaningful way with our intended audience. Over the 20+ years I’ve worked as a professional communicator, I’ve seen many people struggle with storytelling, which is the essence of media relations, presentations and community engagement. Few people understand that no one cares about your products, programs or services. People care about people. It’s really that simple. Find the human connection behind your product, program or service and you will go from being noise to having your story heard.

I created How to Communications to take the mystery out of communications. To help people learn how to find their story as well as sharing tools, techniques and templates that are used by public relations and communications practioners around the world.

The templates and how-to-guides on this site have been included in post-secondary public relations courses and form the foundation of education and training materials for public relations practioners. These tried and true resources and techniques will help you improve your communications and media relations skills without taking endless courses, helping you share your stories.

Whether you need to download a template, learn how to write a news release or purchase a complete package to take you from start to finish (example How to Conduct a News Conference), How to Communications has you covered.

The tabs above include how to guides and templates to help you create and hone your skills on a variety of areas from news release writing to presentation skills to issues management.